Installation Requirements

The pump shaft is not allowed to withstand external axial and radial loads. The connection between the shaft and the motor should use flexible connectors as much as possible to avoid bending torque or axial thrust. When using flexible couplings, the coaxiality error between the pump shaft and the motor shaft should not exceed 0.15m. If non linear couplings are used, the coaxiality error between the pump shaft and the motor shaft should not exceed 0.05mm, and it is required to leave space for axial expansion and contraction.
A reasonable piping diameter is crucial for the hydraulic system. The piping diameter at the suction port should not be less than the suction diameter of the pump to ensure the average optimal suction speed. It is recommended to use hoses at the inlet and outlet. If steel pipes are needed, they must be accurately installed to eliminate tension at the pump oil outlet and pipeline connection.

Common Installation Forms


Precautions For Use

·Working medium
Oil based mineral oil with a viscosity range of 10-300m/s can be used, and ISOVG6 anti wear hydraulic oil is recommended. The working temperature can reach up to 100 ° C to ensure the long-term reliable operation and lifespan of the pump. The temperature should not exceed 80 ° C under continuous working conditions. The working medium should be kept clean, and the cleanliness level should not exceed level 9 (NAS1638) or 19/17/14 (ISO4406). It is recommended to install suitable oil filters in the suction and return oil circuits.
Before the initial start of the pump, methods such as injecting oil into the pump or adding an exhaust device should be used to exhaust the air in the pump and oil circuit, otherwise it will cause vibration and noise in the oil circuit system, affecting the service life of the pump.
To improve the service life of the pump, it is necessary to regularly check the oil system for leaks, ensure that all connecting screws are tightened, and ensure that the cleanliness and viscosity of the oil are within an acceptable range. If problems are found, maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner.

Special Precautions

The oil pump is not allowed to withstand any form of axial force!
Do not knock when installing the coupling!
Do not push or press with force!


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